Interesting Debate #3: What is Fueling the Popularization of Bad Art in 2017?

Interesting Debate #3: What is Fueling the Popularization of Bad Art in 2017?

Lew Rockwell posted an article today asking the question: “Has anyone else noticed the need that ‘artists” have to be more and more outrageous lately?” Each example Lew lists involves artists using taboo bodily fluids as a medium. Not only are these examples horrid and despicable and hardly art: behind this art is a clear agenda that is anti-man, anti-family, anti-sovereignty, anti-beauty, anti-humanity; with hue, and undertones of promulgating societal division, destruction of social humble norms associated with high civilization, and, ultimately promoting the manufactured advert program: third-wave feminism. Consider, even, the hoards of unattractive women wearing “pussy-hats” marching in the streets of America screaming about equality but are silent about true examples of inequality; namely: the oppressed women of Saudi Arabia, and the voice of the innocents murdered in the Satanic ritual known colloquially as abortion.

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America 2018: Liberty VS. Tyranny

America 2018: Liberty VS. Tyranny

America is a nation recognized as, across this planet, the nation of Equal Rights. Have Americans forgot about equal rights? What is the intention of equal rights in our free-society? How are rights applied equally; and, what are rights? Fortunately the debate of what rights are and are not is settled long ago; though, most Americans are still not taught about equal rights and today, 13 November 2017, is still not a common table-top discussion in America or globally (though the push for Liberty is a growing brush-fire globally with elections around the world pushing for true representatives of the people).

  Most individuals of geo-political intellect agree on the basics of how the global military-industrial-complex hides their influence in our society through the very public media and entertainment industry. The sophistication of it’s implementation, for example: George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, and the ability to wage cultural war on people is astronomical in befuddlement; albeit, acrid. How on earth were Americans (the people that ended slavery and defeated the Nazis) thrown into a manufactured race-war in 2017 with slogans such as: “White Rights.” “Black Rights,” “Red Rights,” “LMNOP Rights;” and so forth, all forgetting about what Martin Luther King Jr. taught the American people: Equal Rights? The irony here: two-hundred years before MLK the debate of equal rights spawned a revolution to establish a nation on earth that may allow and even cultivate such a spontaneous culture to thrive; and, those efforts were a success 4 July 1776 (though no effort is without tribulation until total success. What is “Total Success?” Perhaps the idea matching the people; i.e., slavery took time to end after the idea of Liberty).

  Alex Jones with Infowars interviewed Matt Drudge with and Matt spoke in-depth on the topic of Social-Media and the military-industrial-complex’s use of social-media as an internet ghetto (see link). “What an interesting entendre,” I have thought with each day’s pass since this interview. The idea “Americans were tricked into living in a cultural and psychological ghetto,” continued to juxtapose with my sensible thinking: “America is the nation of Liberty and freedom with elected representatives and not dictators, rulers, or authorities.”

  Keeping with the idea “America is not a nation of dictators, rulers, or authorities” had me eventually posit: “Matt Drudge is saying: America does, today, have dictators, rulers, and authorities,” only, these rulers are disguised as social-media websites: psychologically weaponized, global, policers of speech and manipulator of collective thought. Journalists and large independent media operations are often banned for reporting on a separate opinion of political matter. The main offenders of free-speech are, of course: Facebook and Twitter. The two offenders are quick to state the need and efficacy of banning their political enemies and at the same time protect their political friends whom purport deranged ideas; for example, the leftists promoting the assassination of President Donald J. Trump (among one of only many delusional ideas Facebook and Twitter protect and at the same time attacking contrarian journalists).

  Facebook and Twitter are quick to force-feed the public with hypocrisy and a one-sided political agenda. The main agenda protected under these internet ghettos? Globalism; one-world governance; dictators; rulers; authorities; bilderberg; council on foreign relations; the british crown; namely: protecting the military-industrial-complex rewriting the globe in their image (global banking and perpetual war). Americans recently settled the debate on the global stage in electing President Donald Trump; and, as President Trump said: “In America, we worship God not government.

Interesting Debate #2: Bitcoin is a Casino

Interesting Debate #2: Bitcoin is a Casino

Bitcoin is a casino; perhaps, even, a lottery. Do people acquire money through investing time into Bitcoin: absolutely? Is Bitcoin a response to the distaste of global, hegemonic, rule imposing fiat currencies globally? Why do Bitcoin fans consistently follow certain narratives; I.E.:

  1. “Gold is not money,”
  2. “Gold will never be money again,”
  3. “What backs Gold?..,”
  4. “Gold is not used for anything,”

The [less than] intelligent list of questions and accusation concerning Gold from the Bitcoin-fanbois continues ad nauseam.

I have a question for you super-beings engaged in the arab-spring of global currency: Do you honestly believe under the circumstance of a global economic collapse all holders of Gold and Silver will rush to trade every ounce for Bitcoin? Or will the collapse work as History always shows: people rush to real money; real-estate: Gold and Property. Perhaps Bitcoin has more to do with ripping people off than guaranteeing some sort of: “financial Valhalla” with, for example, bogus $180 devices producing $0.10 a day; or new crypto-coins that will somehow displace the original [crypto] coin and become the new “money maker.” Competition only lowers price as more producers enter the market to satisfy demand of the consumer. Is demand in the crypto-currency market purely driven by the illusion of the casino-effect; namely catering toward: the “get-rich-quick” kids (even if those “get-rich-kids” are middle to late-aged anti-American communists?

Bitcoin is a Casino

Interesting Debate #1: What Year is it?

Why are humans presumed to live on international calendars? Who administers the decision for mankind and unto whom’s authority do individuals acquiesce sovereignty in provincial, albeit: blind, allegiance?

What Year is it
What Year is it

The Arizona Sheriff and the Bundy’s are Pardoned

The Arizona Sheriff and the Bundy’s are pardoned.

Great month for August 2017. Gold, Silver, metal, markets will return as manufacturing returns extreme confidence to local economies. Invest in Gold, Silver, Aluminum, Steel, Coal, and Iron. BTC/cryptos will fall on their face as the mirage of tyranny, globally, fades like a phantom at dawn. The Philosophy of Liberty is more precious than all the billions of dollars on planet earth. The evil are being brought low. The weak are being made strong. Renaissance is here.

Alex Jones VS. Apparatchik

The State of The Union 2017